10 Excellent Gifts for Work at Home Dads in the Philippines

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Finding a gift for my husband is one of the hardest things to do. Whether it be a Christmas, his birthday, father’s day, or our anniversary. Funny one time I asked him, what’s the gift he likes to receive and he laughingly answered back, “you are enough.” I’m not sure if that is a half-joke. Hahaha!

I remember at some point he said, when you are giving someone a gift, you shouldn’t be asking what he likes to receive because whatever your gift is, the person receiving it will be glad. After all, you took an effort to give him something. As long as it’s useful it’ll be fine. Hmm..okay…he’s right lol.

My husband is now working from home and I’m working from home, too. So I’ve thought why not create a list to help others find the perfect gift for their husbands or dads this coming Father’s day.

The best part is these excellent gifts have many good reviews and they are all available on Lazada. If you don’t have a Lazada account yet, you can sign up here. 

excellent gifts for work at home dads in the philippines
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10 Excellent Gifts for Work at Home Dads

These ultimate gifts will keep your husband or dad organized, happy, relaxed, and also productive while working from home.

#1 – Book Angler Leatherette Organizer Bookstand

Perfect for Dad on his reading time. The adjustable angles will make him comfortable as he read. This bookstand is as good as a mini folder, too. And will keep his papers and IDs in place.

#2 – Stand for Laptops/Books/iPads

Sometimes Dad wants to work while on the bed. This cool stand table will avoid his back pains and strains. And he won’t ever misplace his pen again!

#3 – Ergonomic Vertical Wireless Mouse 

A mouse that will release wrist tension is a work at home Dad needs to be super productive every day! 

#4 – High Back and Massage Comfort Reclining Executive Chair

A comfortable chair with a massage will help Dad stay away from spinal diseases and boosts his productivity.

#5 – Cold and Hot water Preserving Tumbler

This tumbler will keep his drinks hot or cold for many hours. Available in 5 colors.

#6 – Bluetooth Headset

Make your Dad look cool at Zoom or Skype meetings with this wireless headset.

#7 – Modern Table Corner Computer Desk

Help dad create a workspace that is simple, neat, and attractive. 

#8 – LED Rechargeable Desk Lamp

A desk lamp that is easy on the eyes will be super handy to Dad when he is working early in the morning or at night.

#9 – Daily Planner

For those work at home dads who like a handy planner/organizer to increase their productivity while keeping their schedule in order, get this awesome refillable leather journal.

#10 – Air Purifier

If you want to maintain his home office clean and keep it a healthier place while he works at home, this purifier is the ideal gift for dad. 

Final thoughts on Gifts for Work at Home Dads in the Philippines

Did you find the perfect items to give for a work at home dad from this list? I hope you did! And don’t forget to sign up for your Lazada account to get the best deals.

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