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Hi, I’m Liezel Kabigting

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Are you overwhelmed with responsibilities in your business, frustrated because you’re so bogged down with business operations, feeling stuck because you are unsure what to do next and as your business grows you are having less and less time to enjoy the things you love?

Well, you don’t have to do all of it alone. You are never meant to.

Since 2017, I’ve been helping entrepreneurs systemize their business and free up their time so they can get back the freedom they deserve and desire most of the time.

Imagine your business is running smoothly and efficiently, unexpected issues solved in a timely manner, your business goals are met because projects are kept on track and you now have the FOCUS to grow your company’s direction and strategize its growth.

As an experienced and skilled Virtual Assistant, I help runs your business and manage its day-to-day issues and projects. My main purpose is literally to be the glue that holds the people, processes, systems, and strategy of your company together.

I’d love to implement and drive the visions you envisioned for your business success.

If you are ready to accelerate your business growth, take action today and contact me below.

P.S. I also enjoy helping moms side hustle online, so if you’re a mom feel free to check out my blog.

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      Be One of My Happy Customers

      Liezel was very prompt, timely and helpful! She had great insight on our brand, and understood the demographic of our content. She was very professional and a pleasure to work with.

      Emanuela Bandol

      Social Media Manager , Exercises For Injuries

      As her teammate at work, I can say that Liezel is very pleasant to work with. She is professional and dependable as well. She resolves issues and work-related concerns on her own but also knows how to ask the right questions and involve the right people. Liezel is results-driven, responsible, and knows how to adapt to changes at work.

      Kev Hernandez

      IT Professional, Chevron

      I am so very appreciative of the work Liezel has done for me with my Pinterest account. She has provided me with a lot of knowledge, support, and guidance which in turn has grown the impact Pinterest has had on my business. She has helped me shine on group boards and display my content in a way that resulted in more clicks to my blog on my website. Liezel was always offering great suggestions and always had my best interest in mind. I would highly recommend Liezel and her services if you are looking to up-level your business!

      Ashley K DeLuca

      Social & Web Dev't Manager, Blank Slate Media Consulting

      Liezel’s Virtual Assistant Skills

      I help entrepreneurs save their time, decrease their stress so they can focus on the big stuff of their business.

      I’d love to help you take your business to the next level. If you are ready to accelerate your business growth, take action today and send me an email or schedule a free call with me now!

      • Business Operations Management
      • Pinterest Management
      • Social Media Management
      • Youtube Channel Management

      Liezel’s Pinterest Skills

      Let’s grow your email list through Pinterest Marketing.

      I’m extremely passionate about Pinterest Marketing and I’d love to help you grow your email list. If you are ready to accelerate your business growth, take action today and send me an email or schedule a free call with me now!

      • Pinterest Management
      • Pin Design
      • Pin Scheduling
      • Pinterest Analytics and Report

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